‘......Build it, Buy it, Beg it….Ride it to Camber Sands Scooter Rally..........'

On June 28th 2014, a number of Scooterists, with tongues firmly in cheek, will ride some very strange underpowered mopeds a staggering distance of some 40 miles, at dizzying speeds of up to 27 mph. The ride will go from Robinsons Foundry Ltd in Canterbury to the Annual Chelmsford Scooter Club Rally at Camber Sands.

The Wanderers Scooter Club were doing one of their long distance runs to a Scooter Rally in the midlands and the guys were laughing at themselves on the challenges of getting their Italian ‘Shopping Trolleys’ to cover even modest distances without blowing pistons on the North Circular or bits falling off on the A6. They simply aren’t designed for what we ask them to do. It became pretty clear it’s that continual technical and physical challenge that gives us Scooterists our way of life.

So with a big nod to the classic Top Gear Singapore Challenge we thought, what about doing a similar challenge that would be massive fun, as well as tying the whole thing up with Chelmsford SC’s Camber Sands Rally in 2014?

The Challenge: Entrants get themselves a ride. Buy, Beg or Build a motorised vehicle of two or three wheels. Weirdness and wackiness is essential. The vehicle can be anything:- Chops, Skellys, Rats, Pits, Peds, Monkeys, Homebrew but it must be road legal. The ride is setup as a competition, competing for the 'Silver and Golden Gnome Awards' and winners will be chosen by judges assessing Comedy Value, Profit & Loss, Reliability, Speed, & Perseverance. Fun, games, and challenges are planned along the way including (in)appropriate fancy dress - take some bungees, you’re going to need them !

Jamie Hall, The Whitfield Wanderers SC Number One said “So far we only have a few riders on  stupid wheels, but we know as we get closer this number will go up. Actually, we have said we are happy for Scooterists to ride along with us on their normal rides, BUT it will be slow!”

For more information, contact:
Jamie Hall, Chris Gumbley, Robin Burn

Pat Harvey is first up with a running entrant. See his video below.

Some other entrants so far.....